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Passenger Trains in Egypt

This page provides information about the Egypt rail system and passenger trains. Please be advised that rates, schedules and routes for trains listed below are based on the most current information available to us and may change without notice.


There are two basic classes of train systems in Egypt; public trains (for the local Egyptians) and first class trains (primarily for tourists). Anybody can use either public and first class trains but we use only first class trains for our customers.


The rail system in Egypt provides services to most cities starting from Alexandria to Aswan, excluding Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada.


The first class trains offer two travel options; sitting and sleeper cabins. Additionally, day time and overnight sitting A/C express* trains offer first and second class sitting. Whereas overnight sleeper trains offer the most comfortable accommodations for long journeys such as from Cairo to Luxor or Aswan. Each cabin has air condition, two bunk style sleeping berths, a private wash bowl to freshen up, and a club / lounge car. Evening and breakfast meals are included in the price of sleeper trains.


Following is the current schedule and rates for fist class passenger trains in Egypt.


Train Schedule for Alexandria - Cairo - Luxor - Aswan

Alexandria DEP - 22:15 - - - 16:40 - - -
Cairo DEP 00:30 01:15 07:30 11:00 18:45 19:40 20:00 20:45 22:00
Luxor ARR 09:40 10:25 17:25 20:55 04:00 04:45 05:15 05:55 07:15
Aswan ARR 12:45 - 20:35 00:00 07:00 07:45 08:15 - 10:25
Aswan DEP 06:00 07:30 - 16:00 - 18:00 18:30 20:00 21:00
Luxor DEP 09:20 10:55 12:45 19:10 20:40 21:10 21:40 23:15 00:15
Cairo ARR 19:00 21:00 21:55 04:10 05:45 06:05 06:45 08:20 09:20
DEP (depart)   ARR (arrive)   EXP* (First Class Express)   EXP (First & Second Class Express)


Express* Trains:

Recommended for foreign travelers; first class comfortable air conditioned express trains - day or overnight travel.


Express Trains:

Recommended for foreign travelers; first class comfortable air conditioned express trains - day travel only. Refreshments are available during the journey.


Sleeper Trains:

First class sleeper train (with club / lounge car) are also recommended for foreign travelers. Dinner and breakfast included in the price.


Train Rates for Alexandria - Cairo - Luxor - Aswan

From To

First Class Sitting

First Class Sleeper

Cairo Alexandria 10 Euros N/A
Alexandria Cairo 10 Euros N/A
Cairo Marsa Matruh 15 Euros N/A
Marsa Matruh Cairo 15 Euros N/A
Cairo Aswan 25 Euros *see sleeper rates
Aswan Cairo 25 Euros *see sleeper rates
Cairo Luxor 20 Euros *see sleeper rates
Luxor Cairo 20 Euros *see sleeper rates
First Class Sleeper Train Rates: *half board basis (dinner & breakfast included)
  • 50 Euros per person / double cabin
  • 70 Euros per person / single cabin
  • 40 Euros per child 4 years up to 9 years old
Train Schedule:
  • Depart Cairo to Luxor at 20:00 hour daily (Train Number 84)
  • Depart Luxor to Aswan at 05:15 hour daily (Train Number 84)
  • Depart Aswan to Luxor at 18:30 hour daily (Train Number 85)
  • Depart Luxor to Cairo at 21:40 hour daily (Train Number 85)
Important Note: All rates and schedules are in Euros (one way) and estimated based on current published rates for  2007. Rates and schedules are subject to change without notice. Single travelers may have the option to share a 2-berth cabin with another traveler of the same sex.