Red Sea Liveaboard Safaris

Red Sea Liveaboard Diving

If you ask any diver who has been on a Red Sea liveaboard why they prefer liveaboard diving you're likely to get a hundred different answers. But, here are a few good reasons we think many divers prefer liveaboard diving over land-based diving.

  1. Liveaboards give you the opportunity to dive remote and otherwise hard to access dive sites far beyond the range of daily diving boats.

  2. Liveaboards are more comfortable and hassle-free.

  3. You don't have to carry around heavy gear and tanks every day on liveaboards.

  4. You have the freedom to dive your own plan and profile with common-sense guidelines.

  5. You have more opportunity to see unique marine life and unspoiled reefs; fish life not as timid and you can usually get much closer to them.

  6. Your scuba gear is always ready for any special opportunities. If you enjoy underwater photography, your chances to get better pictures improve greatly on liveaboards.

Important Considerations

Red Sea liveaboard diving, if well planned and organized are usually fantastic however; it can also be a very costly and disappointing experience if you're not fully informed or overlook important details that you may not even be aware of. If you're considering the Red Sea as your diving holiday destination for the first time we strongly advise you to make thorough inquires before committing to anything.


As with any sport, there are inherent safety concerns; liveaboard diving is no exception. You can easily minimize risks by familiarizing yourself again about scuba diving safety guidelines, emergency procedures, dive within your own personal limits and never exceed your training and experience.


Many of the vacations we arrange are uniquely customized to match your personal travel needs and budget. Time is a critical element in all of our lives. We can save you time and money, while enhancing your travel in myriad ways.


With literally hundreds of companies offering travel services in Egypt it's often choosing a reputable company can be a daunting task and frustrating experience. And how many tour operators truly understand the individual needs of divers? This is where Egypt Online Adventures can make the difference.


If you're an individual or a small group the best option for  you is probably sharing a boat with other divers who are interested in the same liveaboard. We'll tray to match our requested dates with another already scheduled liveaboard to help keep your expenses less. To view our individual booking schedule click here.


Local Laws For Red Sea Liveaboards

All divers must meet the minimum diving requirements for the chosen itinerary The current Red Sea diving laws are as follows:


Non-marine Park Itineraries: Minimum Open Water Diver or equivalent. Divers with minimum experience and training can only dive on northern routes.


Marine Park Itineraries: Minimum Advanced Open Water Diver or above and at least 50 logged dives. Divers must meet these minimum experience and training to dive southern route itineraries and absolutely for Brother's Islands and Zabargad.


Lastly, all divers are require to show proof (log books and certification cards) to dive on liveaboard boats. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines contact us. For more information on Red Sea liveaboard diving check out our Liveaboard FAQ's page.