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10 Good Reasons to Choose Egypt Online Adventures

What sets Egypt Online Adventures apart from the mainstream tour operators and travel agents is choices - to immerse yourself more in the destination; and we get personally involved with the realization of your dream holiday. Sure, you’ll visit the tourist icons but we'll also bring you closer to Egyptian culture and in touch with the extraordinary Red Sea.


A holiday with Egypt Online Adventures is about relaxation, fulfillment, discovery, challenge, adventure and learning - as opposed to simply ticking off 'places and things' from a list. Below are ten more good reasons to choose Egypt Online Adventures.


Reason 1: Private & Personalized

When Egypt Online Adventures makes your travel arrangements you'll not be joining a group of other travelers. From the minute you arrive at the airport, through hotel check in /out formalities and transfers – you'll not be imposed by long delays often associated with group travelers. you'll have the opportunity to go at your own pace and take in what is important to you during sightseeing tours. The only exception is on Nile cruises and water sports in the Red Sea, where you'll have the opportunity to meet other travelers.


Reason 2: Local Tour Leaders

By working with a team of local tour leaders we help you get inside Egypt. Our tour leaders are fluent in English and the local language, can read the menus, understand the day-to-day world around them, offer insights into the history and culture, and are passionate about their country. They can also help deal with the locals to ensure we celebrate our differences with respect, understanding and mutual benefits. Providing possibilities for you to enjoy special moments is their secret. Our tour leaders bridge the gap between cultures helping you to get more from your holiday.


This also means providing, rather than denying, employment opportunities for local tour leaders many of whom have studied for many years to gain the necessary accreditation, speak many languages fluently and to whom this is a career. We're now extremely proud of our team of excellent tour leaders and we know they do a fantastic job because our customers keep telling us.


Reason 3: Adventurous & Interesting

While most of our program itineraries are easy we still like to offer plenty of variety for travelers. Our activities are not just exciting and fun; they are usually the best way to discover Egypt. Is there a better way to sense the silence and isolation of the desert than camping in the White Desert or mountain trekking on a camel in the Sinai? It's interesting and fun. We believe interacting with the locals is the best way to meet people, absorb the culture and make fascinating personal discoveries. We take advantage of the local transport - trains, domestic flights and ferry boats to vary the pace and perspective of your travels.


Reason 4: Stress-Free Travel

Egypt Online Adventures also focus on taking the hassles and monotony out of traveling for you, so you can focus on the important things and scenes around you. All your accommodation and transportation is taken care of. The hotels we choose are well located, have private facilities and are air-conditioned and usually have swimming pools. We use private buses for all transfers to guarantee flexibility to explore and to increase your comfort. Entrance fees are included for all the sites, parks and activities listed in the itineraries.


Reason 5: Respect for the Environment

Egypt Online Adventures’s philosophy is very simple - we believe that tourism activities should be respectful and benefit local people and the environment. A major focus of our operations is setting benchmarks in responsible tourism. We have strict operational guidelines for our tour leaders to follow. We also provide you with pre-departure documents that explains how you can help. We support local organizations, particularly where they have the infrastructure to undertake specific campaigns for responsible tourism. We feel the most powerful contribution we can make is educate travelers about the local wilderness and Red Sea eco-system so there is something for future generations to celebrate.


Reason 6: Cultural Sensitivity

Equally important is to respect the local people we meet and ensure our interaction is mutually beneficial. The cornerstone of this policy is local employment and engaging small local businesses. By employing local Egyptians we not only provide employment and support the economy but we dramatically increase opportunities to get beyond the guidebooks. Having a tour leader who speaks the language unlocks many of the mysteries travelers discover. It opens the way for more open communication and the chance for some real understanding. By staying as guests in Bedouin villages or in small family-run accommodation, we can ensure economic benefits filter down to the families that most need it, rather than to huge multinational hotel chains.


Reason 7: Quality & Customer Service

For over a decade Egypt Online Adventures has been at the forefront of offering adventurous experiences in Egypt. Accommodations, transportation and equipment are chosen with this in mind. More importantly, Egypt Online Adventures isn't just an intermediary or web portal that has no control over the quality of its services. With client feedback and close communication with our local offices, we constantly monitor the quality of our operations and adopt positive innovations.


Reason 8: Personal Safety

We will never knowingly risk the safety of our clients, however you must also take responsibility for your personal safety. Please follow the directions of your tour leader or dive guides particularly in the deserts and water sports in the Red Sea.


We have constantly refined our emergency procedures to ensure your safety and security. Having local offices and ground staff means that we're quickly able to respond to any sort of emergency. Our leaders are all trained in first aid and crisis management and keep abreast of political or other situations that may present safety threats so if something does go wrong, you're in good hands. Prevention is the key though, so things like food preparation and hygiene are given top priority. Safety equipment is also fundamental. First aid kits are readily available on all land tours and diving related emergency supplies including oxygen is on our diving boats for divers and snorkelers.


Reason 9: Personal & Innovative

We take our position as the leader in adventure travel seriously. We love pioneering new ways and experiences but we also accept that with leadership comes increased responsibility. We want to pioneer an age of ethical tourism by employing local leaders, celebrating the biological and cultural diversity of our world and protecting them for the future. We want to ensure tourism benefits local communities, rather than exploiting them. We want to champion the advantages of personalized holidays over mainstream mass tourism.


Reason 10: We're Simply the Best

If you're still not convinced and think we're just like all the rest before you leave our site we ask you to visit our Customer Comments page.