Recreational Courses


PADI Divemaster

This is the first step into the PADI professional league and this is only the beginning if you're considering diving for a career.


This course includes the following subjects:

  1. Instructor level knowledge of diving theory.

  2. A high level of personal diving skills.

  3. Competency to assist an instructor during training activities.

  4. The knowledge of how to be responsible for other divers.

  5. The expertise to manage diving related activities.

As a Certified PADI Divemaster some of the professional level activities you'll be qualified to do are:

  1. Supervise training and non-training related diving activities; planning, organizing & directing dives.

  2. Be a certified instructional assistant to PADI Instructors.

  3. Conduct the skin diving skills segment of the PADI Open Water Diver course.

  4. Supervise uncertified divers during PADI Experience Programs.

  5. Teach & certify PADI Skin Divers.

  6. Conduct the PADI Scuba Review Program for certified divers.

Typically our PADI Divemaster course can be completed in about 14 to 21 days and is taught in 3 modules or phases:


Watermanship & Skills Assessment Module:

  • Watermanship & stamina

  • General diving skills

Knowledge Development Module:

  • Diving physics

  • Diving physiology

  • Diving skills & environment

  • Supervising students in training

  • Dive management & control

  • Dive planning

  • Emergency assistance plan for diving emergencies in the local area

  • Mapping a local open water site

Practical Application Module:

This phase involves training activities using various structured training sessions, simulated scenarios and internship sessions with actual PADI programs. These training sessions enable you to gain practical experience as an instructional assistant and a supervisor of open water diving activities, both as a coordinator and as an underwater guide.


Course Price:

  • 550 Euros per student
  • 125 Euros PADI certificate

Course Includes:

  • Use of training material from our library
  • Open water dives *as required
  • Round trip transfers from your hotel
  • Sales tax & administration fees

Course Prerequisites:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be in good physical condition for diving activities
  • Submit a Medical exam form signed by a physician
  • Have a current certification in CPR *within the last 3 years
  • Be a certified PADI Rescue Diver or equivalent
  • Have at least 20 open water dives logged prior to enrollment
  • Logged a minimum of 60 open water dives prior to completion
  • Have experience in night, deep & navigation dives prior to completion
  • Complete applicable course forms required by PADI